ITALISA Football culture

Column:Company news Time:2020-03-02
In May of this year, a new staff football field was built and two high-level football teams were established in Italisa.

With the positive and rapid development of football in Vietnam, as well as the football culture atmosphere of the participation of all the people in Vietnam, as the company’s football culture "team, co-renting, hard work" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In the past, the company regularly organized football matches every year. In the football field, two high-level football teams have been established, which greatly enriches the employees' spare time and greatly improves their satisfaction.

With a meaningful purpose, organized Football matches is the way which creating a healthy, fun playground, connecting members, departments together. Furthermore, football is also help improve health and labor efficiency.  It is such a healthy sport and help to diversify the spiritual life of the company's officers and employees 

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