•R&D Advantage

Italisa Group Co., Ltd. prides itself with strong R&D capability through well educated and highly experienced engineering and technical manufacturing team members.  Our R&D process ensures compliance with various international standards in raw material, internal waterways, plated surfaces and functional full product assemblies.  Due to the size, scope and management focus on technology, our R&D teams have obtained many international and domestic invention patents and will continue to improve our product and process technology for improved efficiency, higher quality, lower costs and environmentally friendly materials and processes.

•Manufacture Advantage

Adhering to the principle of “controlling quality from the source”, our company maintains all core processes such as R&D, APQP, tool development, molding, casting, machining, polishing, electro-plating, PVD, laser etch and assembly within our facilty for complete process control.  This commitment provides Italisa’s customers with instilled confidence that a repeatable, high quality product will be delivered to their facility or market with every shipment.

•Cost Advantage 

With low operation costs, stable currency and abundant labor resources in Vietnam, Italisa is positioned to be the leading decorative and functional manufacturing alternative to China and other countries in Southeast Asia.  In addition to an abundant workforce, Vietnam has a young workforce with a median age of 38 years old and only 5.6% of the 8.4 million population above 65 years.  Also, due to Vietnam’s Local Government support, expenses such as water, electricity and taxes will be reduced as business grows further separating the low cost gap with China.

•Logistics Advantage

Vietnam has obvious coastal superiority with a coastline of more than 3200 km, many harbors and convenient transportation. Taking location advantage of being in the southeast Asian and bordering on China The waters surround Vietnam are the Gulf of Thailand, the Gulf of Tonkin and the South China Sea. Its political neighbors include China, Laos and Cambodia.

•Policy Advantage

Vietnam is a country of low custom duties and one of the ASEAN countries. In 2010, the tariffs among the ASEAN countries had already dropped to 0 - 5% ;Signed trade agreements with the United States, accord Vietnam most-favored-nation treatment, exports goods to United States was decreased from 40% to 3% on the average duty, so Italisa Group can be benefited from the concessionary policies implemented in taxes.