Italisa believes that to achieve the highest level of quality, you must control each step of the process from beginning to end. Using advanced horizontal continuous casting, we maintain precise chemical composition for our casted and forged components offering key brass alloys such as low lead and lead free brass, DZR, Eco and standard brass.


Italisa utilizes IMR automatic sand core machines, high quality sand and bonding agents to ensure a durable sand core, a smooth core surface and core uniformity resulting in dimensional accuracy, consistent casting wall thicknesses and reduced turbulence in waterway applications.


Italisa utilizes high quality IMR brass gravity/low pressure casting and Taiwanese zinc die casting for a reliable, consistent casting process and superior process control management system. Our engineering, production and quality team approaching in the product design, trial and on-going production focuses on production of high-density micro structures, high yield and superior mechanical property components.


In-line with our philosophy of using superior quality equipment and materials, Italisa uses both single and multi-axis CNC machining centers such as Brother (Japanese) to achieve concise dimensional control, excellent surface finish and high volume repeatability. Our cutting tools and fixtures are designed, measured and certified in-house allowing for quick response to dimensional tweaks and worn or damaged cutting tools.


Italisa produces a large variety of simple to complex part geometries. Through our experience, training process, polishing equipment, work environment and stringent quality control, we are able to meet our customer’s most difficult surface standards including tight corners, large flat surfaces and other hard to reach surfaces often seen on today’s most complicated product designs. We utilize dust-free Eco manual polishing and buffing lines minimizing dust contamination and allowing our skilled polishers to work in a clean, well lit work environment.


Italisa’s in-house, fully automated 104-arm hoist eletro-chrome plating line provides the flexibility to meet our customer’s most stringent plating standards including EN248 and ASTM B456. Our world class programmable plating line utilizes key processes such as reverse osmosis for incoming water, supersonic cleaning and rinse, multi in-line filtration and in-tank high pressure jets to eliminate potential contaminants and trapped fluids throughout each step of the process. With capability of up to 5 layers of plating, Italisa can ensure a smooth, durable cosmetic finish at high volume output. As a standard process, electroplated product is 100% visually inspected to our customer standards by our trained and certified quality control staff.

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition)

We offer flexible special finish capability such as brushed nickel, polished nickel, stainless, polished brass, brushed bronze and more. Italisa carefully controls the PVD process through a dedicated, humidity controlled production area, multistep cleaning line and detailed manual cleaning prior to PVD to ensure the highest quality and production yields for our customers.


Italisa has established state of the art testing facilities for each step of the manufacturing process. From Spectromax (Germany), Renishaw CMM, to CASS, NSS & AASS corrosion, pressure decay and assemble lifecycle testing, we have implemented the most advanced test equipment to ensure stringent control of raw material, dimensional, corrosion, flow rate and durability standards for our customers. All testing equipment is maintained under our internal and external calibration system to ensure repeatability and reproducibility from our equipment and inspectors.



Italisa maintains an experienced, well educated staff of in-house engineers for research and development (R&D), tool design, product design, process and production engineering to drive innovation and efficiency for our customers. Our R&D team focuses on advanced materials and manufacturing technologies through close customer collaboration and global market research. Our R&D efforts are also supported by $1.6 Billion USD parent company who possesses a certified national laboratory, over 500 staffed engineers, a post-doct program, strategic relationships with research universities & organizations throughout Asia and alloying & equipment building capability. For part and tooling design, we utilize the latest version of Pro-Engineer 3D software for modeling and product rendering. For new product development, we have a cross functional team of engineering, quality and production members that are lead by our project management group. For part and product qualification, we follow the PPAP system and incorporate detailed timelines to ensure we meet our customers key project milestones with proven manufacturing processes and dimensionally correct, functional components and assemblies.